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Due to some very bad karma and unecessary drama our 17-17-17 Round robin is now 15-15-15
Our girls have already proven their dedication to keeping this going, and thankfully from now on it should be much more plain sailing. The new blog is http://15-15-15.blogspot.com/  . There is so much more work posted already, jump over and take a look.
This page is for my journal as it travels around, and work that I have put into the other beautiful creations as they come to me.  Most recent entries are here at the top....

19-November 20, Me, "Once upon a time"

This is my spread for Beth's Bygone Era journal. What a gorgeous book... I've always been into the romanticised side of medieval times, knights, damsels, dragons, etc, may be why I love making chainmaille... so I thought I'd do a spread with that theme. It's collaged photos, pics, gel, acrylics, copper, chainmaille, stamps and stencils.

 18- October 12, Mary, "Italy"
This is Mary's spread. I have always wanted to go to Italy, I've been many places but never made it there yet- it has obviously made a huge impact on Mary- A beautiful piece, thankyou Mary.x
17- Sept '12 Me, "Music"
This is my page for Liz. It's a loose page because her beautifully made journal disappeared enroute somewhere.. such a shame!  Like my other pieces it's a mix of paints, inks, photos and pens.

16- July '12 Shari, "Michigan"
This is Shari's spread for my journal. Michigan is a special place so she has used that as her inspiration. I'd love to go... maybe one day! A lovely addition to my journal, thankyou!

 15- Jun '12 Me, "Art and Soul"
 Rhelda didn't get a journal going so we are doing loose pages now... here's my contribution to "Soul Play". One of my websites is call Art and Soul so I couldn't think of anything more fitting. This is a mixed media collage using a wide range of materials- great fun!

14- Apr '12 M, "Dreams"
This is my spread in Deedee's "Nature, Dreams, Vision" journal. Lots of embossed papers, inks and stamps, pics and pens. When I was hunting through my stash of pics I had to put back several pics of cats because that was all I'd picked out... I am most definately a cat person above all else... but I do love other creatures too.

13- Mar '12  Me
This is for Rachel's "Purple Owl Tree" journal. I have gone for funky again and used fantasy film on wire for the feathers, crackle paint on the tree, acrylics and pens, clear gel medium and stencils.

12- Feb '12  Me
This is in Louise's Totem Animals journal. Mine is my cats..long gone but still visiting. This is my journey through the fields and woods to meet my animals in my sacred space.
I used photos of mine, artworks, acrylic paint,gel and technical pens. The eye is a copy of one of my absolute favourite paintings on canvas board, part of a set of eyes, in acrylics.

11- Dec '11 Me
 This is my piece for Elvira's journal, "Hands of an Artist". I took it quite literally, but decided to create something different- a 3D pop-up. Materials played with included; alcohol inks, gesso,stamps & textures, fimo, stick-ons, card, pastels and sharpies, beads and wire. Butterfly courtesy of a friend who has a bigshot, thanks Mary!!

10- Dec '11 Me
This is for Trine's journal "Blue is the colour of..." After a while I decided to follow my recurring "elements" theme and chose water- without which we would not survive. Another mixed-media piece using inks, gesso, gel medium, wood, paint,stickers,transfers and cuttings...

9- Dec '11 Marie A, Ontario
This is Marie's spread in my journal. She has titled it "Happiness is a journey, not a destination". It is beautiful and reminds me of my visualisation collages, the perfect life...but no sign of my art supplies, oh dear!
Thankyou Marie, my journal is filling up with beautiful images and telling a fabulous story.xx

8- Dec '11 Me
This is my spread in Lucine's journal "Smile,do not fear". It is a combination of transfers, photos,inks and stamps, acrylic paints, watercolour pencils and crayons, wet felt and glass beads.

7- Nov 11  Anne T, Ontario

This spread was created by Anne in Canada. I'm not sure about canoeing, but I like the idea of sailing of into the unknown, peaceful, tranquil, but promising adventure and excitement. It's beautiful, Anne, thankyou for creating such a fitting spread.xx

6- Oct '11 Sadie D, USA

The first spread added by Sadie Desimone. Love it- my colours and as for spirals- well, we know how I feel about them!! And a very poignant quote...Thankyou Sadie.x

 5- Oct '11
 My opening double spread, mixed media. My theme is about journeys, physical and metaphysical...how does journeying affect you, does physical journeying help the spiritual? or does it go both ways?

4- Oct '11
This is the opening page...texture medium,acrylics, inks and stylised symbols I developed for a previous project. There are also comment pages, and odd pages with hallo's/instructions etc.

 3- Oct '11
 The back cover, made the same way as the tutorial in the 17 Journals section

2- Oct '11
 The signatures and expandable binding. Each signature has different paper in; watercolour, cartridge,pastel, black...maybe graph...it all adds to the experience. Artists can choose their best option...and as it gets full the ribbon can be loosened off to allow the signatures to expand and lay flat again.

1- Oct '11
Worked on perspex with transfers, transparencies, ink and embossing powders, this is the front cover of "Journeys" and the lightweight carry box I made to keep it safe...



  1. Beautiful! Can't wait for it to come my way!

  2. Getting ever closer, Deedee! and filling up...


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