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This gallery  shows examples of work I've received in Swaps, or that friends have posted.

FPC Feb, Fish, from Heike

FPC Feb, Vintage, from Carol
FPC Jan, China, from Monika

Matchbox- Asia from Danielle

FPC Dec swap from Ana

FPC June, Trees, from Patricia, Ireland

December swap from Beth, USA

FPC Dec, Heike, Ger

FPC Halloween from Heike,Ger

FPC Nov "Artist" from Elizabeth

Halloween ATC from Karla,

Halloween House from Deedee, USA

Halloween House from Anne, CAN

Twinchie Book from Sonja, SER

FPC and birthday FATC from Sharon, USA

ATC swap- Wings from Carla, USA

FPC Aug- Beverages from Mary, USA

Bday FATC Annette

FATC from Susan
Twinchie books and tags from Ruth, USA

FPC June, Egypt from Monica,

Bday PC from Mary, USA
Bday PC from Beth, USA

Bday PC from Charlene, USA

Bday FATC from Ellen, SING
Bday FATC from Tahlia, USA

FPC May shoes, from Ana, UK
Bday PC from Darcy, USA
Bday PC from Cheryl, USA

Bday PC from Patty, USA
Bday FATC from Eileen, UK

Bday PC from Tasha, USA
Bday PC from Sadie, USA
Bday PC from Emily,

Bday FATC from Marja
Materials collaboration, creation by Sonja
ATC Spring from Hafsa, Saudi

Bday PC from Sonja, SER
Bday PC from Carla, USA

Bday PC from Dawna, CAN

Bday PC, from Marie, USA

Bday PC, Gaye, CAN

Birthday postcard, Kay, USA

Artpin- doll, from Sandy , USA

Bday PC, Marie,CAN
FPC- Architecture, Linda H

Artpin, January, Lizheart, USA
FPC- 2 colours, Heike,GER

Matchbox- Asian, Deedee from USA
FPC, Spring pondlife from Kathryn
FPC spring- Linda H

RAAK from Letizia, ITA

ATC Spring, from Jan, USA

FPC Spring, from Patricia, Ireland

Artpin, Spring, from Carmina, ROM

Matchbox- Rituals, from Marie, USA
Matchbox- Rituals, from Roz, QLD

Artpin, Spring, from Sandy, USA

Artpin heart from Carmina, ROM

Artpin heart from Dawna, CAN

Matchbox- botanicals, from Kathy, USA, Mel, AUS, Dawna, CAN

Textile journal and goodies from Sonja, SER

Fabric postcard, Under the sea, from Kim, USA

Artpin from Mindy, USA

Valentine ATC from Hasfa, Saudi Arabia

Artpin swap, from Julka, Canada

Marchbox swap- Botanicals, Kathy, USA

ATC  Valentine from Bernadette, Ireland

ATC Valentine, from Jackie, USA

RAAK from Candace T,Can
2011 Wichtel, Liz M, USA
ATC's Halloween- 2011, from Milli friends

Ceramic stars, Beth, USA

Sunny pinny, Beth, USA

Personal pockets made by Mary
Stars, Beth, USA

Twinchie box from Roz, NSW

Handmade soap, Beth, USA

Key brooch, Beth, USA

Halloween inchies  left c/w; Dawna, Sonja,Pandora and Patty

Prayer flag from Letizia, Italy

ATC's- Windows swap; Kit & Cindy
Prayer flag from Lois, USA

Twinchie box from Ruth, USA

Inchie boxes from Dawna, CAN

Prayer Fl-inchie from Letizia, Italy
Prayer flag from Mel, NSW

ATC Layered from Mary, UK
Twinchie box from Mary, UK

Flag from Zen Jan, USA
Inchie Boxes from Sonja, SER

ATC Unusual shape- book from Ruth, USA

Crane from Ruth Dailey, USA

ATC Unusual swap- Cats from Christine, USA

ATC Layered  from Mary, UK

Flag from Diane, USA


  1. Oooo, so many beautiful things! I love them!!! (except my boxes, hehe). Thank you once again Kalona for organizing the swap, it was absolute joy! :)

  2. You're welcome Sonja- I hope you like the next one I've got planned!!

  3. I can't wait to see what it is!!! But please give me enough time until I get back from US, or I might end up making things there! :)

  4. Shhh- next swap will be a prayer fl-inchie...what do you think? I need to make another for the swap- which we won't post until Mid nov, so you'll have time!! xxx

  5. Kalona - your collection is so special and filled with such creativity - so happy to be included -and to be in your circle of friends. xxxhugs

  6. Awh Ruth...brings tear to eyes, thankyou for such a sweet sentiment! I am lucky, and it is a beautiful gallery, we are a wonderfully supportive and creative community, and the best way I can show my appreciation is to put it all on

  7. Love your blog, Kalona. This gallery is such a nice page you have added. Thank you for including my humble work.

  8. Thankyou, and you're welcome! Why should I keep all the wonderful works I've received tucked away... let everybody see them and appreciate them!xxx


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