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I love working in a great number of  materials, and am always ready to try something new. This is a gallery of some of my 2D works.

Summer plaque, elements details, glass, concrete and acrylics

Candle doodle, xmas set

Butterfly doodle, ink on paper

Ullaru, acrylics on canvas

cat's eye digital collage

Shot glasses, photo, CS5 filtered

Dover poster compilation

Yachts, ink and pencils

Digital collage from my artworks

Echo, watercolour exercise
Bubbled gesso detail, collage on canvas

Life series- Birth, acrylics on canvas

Plumeris, acrylics on canvas
Section of acrylics canvas puzzle- sails

Eterntity doodle

Butterfly doodle

Echo, funky photo

Humpback breaching, pastels on acrylic

Whale tail, pastel on acrylic

Nature's blues, collage
Statues and skulls, mixed media

Crysanthymum fr, funky photo

Floral hex doodle


Dance, funky photo

Blue halfmoon betta, silkpainting

Frosty road

Dover castle, mixed media
Happy Zac, funky photo

Time is running out... funky photo
Wolf howl, graphite
Respite, graphite

Lupus eye, acrylics
Feline eye, acrylics
Universal, pastel on acrylic

Bald eagle, graphite
Fluffy kitten, graphite
Universal 2, pastel on acrylics
Reverence, silkpainting

Celtic nymphs, acrylics
Abstract wing, mixed media
Metamorphosis, mixed media
Eternity, mixed media
Abstract shell, mixed media

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