Friday, 30 September 2011

Windows ATC's

Patty kindly hosted an ATC swap themed round windows, and as the idea was to try and make a window rather than just draw one I decided to try my embossing on perspex to fulfill the brief....

Windows ATC's

Sadly the photo  shows them while they were still foggy from the heat, but the layers are still discernable. Sequins, organza, skeleton leaves, sharpie and embossing powder were used in layers to build up the scene.

At the same time I used up some bits and bobs that I'd just used in another project and created these windows too;
Funky window ATCs


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Halloween inchies and ATC's

Yes, I know it's a little early for Halloween, but if these little beauties are to get where they're going in time, we had to make them early. These are my latest inchie creations for the Needle Queens Halloween inchie swap at Milliande's 

They were great fun to make, I used up the baby wipes that I coloured while making some Halloween ATC's for another swap ( see below) and doubled them up with a heavy roofing fibre. The witches etc. were confetti just begging to be used!  The bigbird at the back was supposed to be a spider, but didn't really work out- he's more a moustacio'd gringo!

Tweedlesboth; white rabbit; Mad hatter; Malice and Cheshire cat.
These 5 cards were the hardest I've had to come up with so far...Alice in Wonderland meets Halloween! Another fun ATC swap at Milliande's. I'm not particularly happy with them, but they fit the requirements so I'll be thankful for that. Several members have diecut machines and  I am tempted to buy one- all those shapes in one simple movement... yet another dimension to my artwork...and all those textures....hhhmmm. They certainly seem to make creating ATC's a whole more dimensional.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Zentangles and Doodling...

Wow- I've been doodling for years, but never once realized there was a whole cult thing going on with them...zentangles, with courses and instructors...

Here's one of my favourite sets, I usually work in sets of three. I don't always use colour after, but these just begged to be played with....

Doodling is great when I'm struggling for inspiration, or putting off a bigger project. I must admit though, even my doodles have to have a certain amount of  organisation and tidyness, guess I'm a chronic control freak after all...


Saturday, 24 September 2011

ATC's - a new exploration, for me, at least!

Having joined the Art swaps group at Milliande's I found a whole new world of small artworks, highly intriguing having spent the last few years growing in confidence enough to make my paintings BIG!
This really appealed to my "have an idea, must do it now" streak, by being small enough to complete in a reasonable time-frame.
And so another addiction began....
Here is my first group of ATC's, specifically for a "layered" card swap

These are on canvas, stamped with pigment inks, gel transfers, embossed copper, and beads. They were great fun to make, and several of them went round the world to Australia for the swap.


My first hosting of an "art swap"

I've taken part in a couple of swaps at Milliande's Art Community for women, and they've been great fun, so I decided to brave hosting one myself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Inchie/Twinchie Box Swap is running through September, and some lovely boxes have been created already!

Here's a couple of mine

A card twinchie that can be posted flat and reassembled and one of my felt inchies which also opens flat.
There's a step by step for the felt inchie in the tutorial section.

A pair of embossed/stamped MDF tile inchies

I have made several more, in different materials- it has been great fun, and I shall post more pics later, including those from the other ladies.


Friday, 23 September 2011

First post!

Well, here we go- biting the bullet...a  blog, who'd have thought?? Zac thinks it's amusing too!!

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