Sunday, 28 October 2012

Creating a Book of Leaves

Last month Ruth began a prompt in our Hinges group on Milliande's to create a book of Leaves using a coptic binding technique. It's a very simple and effective technique and we've added some great little books into the discussion.
Here's mine so far- it's not filled up yet, but not too far to go. I've used a few techniques and am having fun...

The cover is a 3mm layer of plaster on MDF. I've scratched into the plaster and washed it with acrylics, added a few pics, then waxed over the whole thing. I drilled the holes before painting.

This is the endpage so far. I used several different papers to give me some variation in work... Leaves is an ink doodle highlighted with pencils.

The text is by an unknown author, but it resonated with me so I've used it over stamped texts and swirls. The leaf is a cutout with 2 pages stuck together and a bit of colour added.

This double-spread is an ink drawing, highlighted with coloured pencils.

Another unknown author, but given the time of year I thought it highly appropriate, and fun! Written in ink and highlighted with coloured pencils. The image is a tracing of a brassy leaf charm I have.

As I was working on the book an ATC arrived from Barbara in Canada, so I had to find a quick use for the funky tape she'd used... sometimes simple is just best! The brassy leaf used previously highlighted on a bronzy textured paper.

A printed paper is used as a background for an embossed and painted pattern on foil. I love macro so had to create a cellular pic of a leaf using copics and pencils.

Try as I might I cannot improve with my calligraphy. I love using it, but hate my writing... this is a well used quote by Camos, but I like it so have added to the long list of users.... Inked text over stamped texts and florals. Embellished with a paper flower rather than use a word, trying to add a new element.

More doodling... I love hearts and they can very easily be adapted into leaves. Coloured with copics.

There are a few more that I've not taken a pic of yet... collage and acetate windows... and a few more to fill up... so I'll update when I've done some more. 
Maybe you'll take a look at the prompt and have a go? If you want a similarly easy book to make take  a look at my tutorial here. Have fun and let me know how you get on!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Zodiac quilt is coming along nicely...

It's only 3 months to go and we will have completed our 12 blocks on the 2012 Bead Journal Project. WOW! It's gone so fast... I've now actually finished beading my blocks, but I still have to embellish them with the appropriate crystals and coloured beads.
Each zodiac has so many associations and I thought I'd make a flat reference guide that would look great on the wall, and be totally useful too.
I've started working round a few of them- I've done 6 now... but I've got 3 months now to finish them all and then start embroidering the texts around the piece.
Here's how it's looking now...

Once this panel is done I'll be adding coloured panels around the outside with the seasons and symbols.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloween creative spree..

Halloween/ Samhain is just around the corner... and I've been making and creating lots of spooky themed bits and bobs for a few swaps on milliande. First there's our Halloween ATC swap, for which I did some textured webby cards with cute googly eyes...

I'd been working in a Pass and Paint journal on Willowing in a similar way so thought I'd make them together.. always easier when certain materials are out and ready...

The web is piped modelling paste, the spider is wound wool on ribbon- hopefully it'll create a bit of fun! The heart is stamped and painted clay.

The 3rd set is a Halloween House swap on Milli's, my first go at this format... great fun with collaged papers, sequins and stamped clay.

They've all gone out so hopefully they'll be where they should be by now- or very close.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Dreamy dreamcatching...

I did want to get some more sewing done this week, but as Xmas is looming and I want to be prepared, and the call of beads was getting too great, I decided to get busy with some of my dreamcatchers... Over the years I've made them in all sizes; for car mirrors, wedding decoration/presents, window decs, anniversary pressies and  decorations... but this year I thought I'd expand my Christmas collection a bit. I've got a fair selection of charms that I've not used yet... so that's what I'm using...

Wiccan; sun with opal, goldstone and beads
General; heart, jade,coral and beads
Wiccan; pentacle, amethyst and beads
Xmas; flake, tourminated quartz
Xmas; deer, amber and beads
I've listed a few on my shop on Etsy, already packaged up, but I also make commissions using requested gemstones, colours and charms, whatever your needs, just email to chat about it- no obligation!

Monday, 1 October 2012

It's official- summer is over!

Oh yes- the rain has definately set in, the skies are  bleak and the garden is beginning to look like a war zone. Only one thing for it really- get creative and take my mind off it!! 
I fancied a change from bags and wallets, and having not done much knitting this year I decided it was time to pull the needles out again... well, we all need gloves, especially now the temps are dropping faster than a lead balloon.
So here are my latest creations... these are adult size, one pair with mitten flaps, one pair without. As I finished my second pair my son asked for a pair so I had to downsize the pattern... as soon as I can get a pic of them I'll post it- he's run off to school with them already! 

I've added a pattern in the how-to-patterns section. Have a go- it's a great way of using up all your oddments of DK wool, you could get some really funky gloves going on!!

Here they are at last- a pic of my son's gloves...

Don't they look funky!! Honestly, they're really easy- give them a go! xx

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