Tuesday, 23 October 2012

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Halloween creative spree..

Halloween/ Samhain is just around the corner... and I've been making and creating lots of spooky themed bits and bobs for a few swaps on milliande. First there's our Halloween ATC swap, for which I did some textured webby cards with cute googly eyes...

I'd been working in a Pass and Paint journal on Willowing in a similar way so thought I'd make them together.. always easier when certain materials are out and ready...

The web is piped modelling paste, the spider is wound wool on ribbon- hopefully it'll create a bit of fun! The heart is stamped and painted clay.

The 3rd set is a Halloween House swap on Milli's, my first go at this format... great fun with collaged papers, sequins and stamped clay.

They've all gone out so hopefully they'll be where they should be by now- or very close.


  1. Always enjoy what you create and this ATC is perfect. I am with Willow also. Not sure what Paint and pass but will find out. Thanks for always having so much art on your blog. xoxo

  2. so very colourful, you have a great eye for colour,

  3. Beautiful and fun! I love this idea with modelling paste! You always make such original pieces! xoxo!

  4. Thankyou so much ladies! Samhain is such a great time, not sure about all the increasing commercialism, but love all the tradition- and making things a little out of the ordinary!xx

  5. These are great! I had to look up Samhain. I never heard of it before. I guess because it's not an American holiday.


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