Monday, 1 October 2012

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It's official- summer is over!

Oh yes- the rain has definately set in, the skies are  bleak and the garden is beginning to look like a war zone. Only one thing for it really- get creative and take my mind off it!! 
I fancied a change from bags and wallets, and having not done much knitting this year I decided it was time to pull the needles out again... well, we all need gloves, especially now the temps are dropping faster than a lead balloon.
So here are my latest creations... these are adult size, one pair with mitten flaps, one pair without. As I finished my second pair my son asked for a pair so I had to downsize the pattern... as soon as I can get a pic of them I'll post it- he's run off to school with them already! 

I've added a pattern in the how-to-patterns section. Have a go- it's a great way of using up all your oddments of DK wool, you could get some really funky gloves going on!!

Here they are at last- a pic of my son's gloves...

Don't they look funky!! Honestly, they're really easy- give them a go! xx


  1. Is there anything in this world that you can't do? I LOVE these! Never knitted mittens before, I will have to try. I'm repeating constantly, but everything you do makes me want to try it my self. xo!

  2. Then my purpose is fulfilled!!
    I am living proof that you can do anything you want- I do! Some things I have been able to do from childhood- knit, crochet, draw... but other things have been tried/learnt along the way. I still cannot get my head round scrapbooking- I think that is one area I shan't be expanding, but I find learning a new technique in one area often leads to a development in another... I'm looking at getting my art/photos into textiles now, there seems to be a few ways I can do that and I like the idea. New and old...give them a go- see if you can work the pattern, if it's confusing let me know and I'll amend/rewrite. Have fun!! xx

  3. oh- and I can't weave!!! lol

  4. lol! Maybe you could start with a small handmade loom, and make woven bits for fabric collages? :) Or even better, let me make those things for you!


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