Saturday, 29 September 2012

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Vintage meets modern...

Well, it's certainly been a bag week, this week... yesterday I created a creamy vintage/modern rucksack with upcycled fabrics and some of my collaged textile fabric. I had some left over so made a little wallet too.

This bag is basically the same pattern and method as I've detailed in my rucksack tutorial over on my how-to's textiles. I don't use a pattern per se, I just cut to size and play, but the construction method is very simple to follow if you want to have  a go!  I'm doing a tute for the wallet over the weekend so I'll let you know when it's up and available. They make a lovely set, eh? What about making a matching personal pocket too? for all your ladies accessories... there's a tute for that over there too. Just grab some fabrics and get cutting... you'll love it!!


  1. will pop over and have a look at your instructions later,I have never had a rucksack maybe now is the time

  2. These are gorgeous!!! That is the most beautiful wallet ever! Who wouldn't want such a beautiful rucksack and a wallet! Love your work!

  3. Great stuff Margaret! Let me know how you go... and thankyou Sonja! It's not too bad for a first edition, The one I'll be doing in the tute will have the kinks worked out...all the layers can be a problem!xx


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