Tuesday, 25 September 2012

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Rucksack heaven!!

Oh, I finished it today, so it's had a bit of a road-test and performed brilliantly!! It's so comfy and fun... I might just put a bit of velcro in the inside pockets though, just to stop stuff falling out if I threw the bag around- well- it will happen at some point!

Here it is finished...

I've really enjoyed making this but I'm not sure if I would be able to justify charging £70/80 for it, even though it's taken 3 whole days to make because of the work involved... we shall see, I might list one on Etsy as a "special order" and see how it goes...
The tutorial is completed over in the how-to's textiles section. Have a go... post me a pic... any questions just email me- I'll go through it with you if you're stuck! 


  1. just hopped over from SF Kalona, and have joined your band of followers, love the rucksacks,

  2. It's gorgeous! So nicely done. I know how it feels to spend so much time making something and then not knowing how to sell for the right price. I usually keep those items and never sell them. Or give them as a gift. Strangely, sometimes it feels better to give something than to sell it for the wrong price. ;)

  3. Thankyou Ladies! Welcome Margaret- hope you find plenty to keep you occupied!!
    And you're so right Sonja- I refused to sell my artwork many years ago... now I have to much to sell,lol! I'd rather it appreciated by someone than sold for the sake of a buck... still- I might try just one- have you seen the list prices on Etsy? I wouldn't be overpricing going by some on there!£500 for a sewn bag- not in my lifetime!!


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