Friday, 5 October 2012

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Dreamy dreamcatching...

I did want to get some more sewing done this week, but as Xmas is looming and I want to be prepared, and the call of beads was getting too great, I decided to get busy with some of my dreamcatchers... Over the years I've made them in all sizes; for car mirrors, wedding decoration/presents, window decs, anniversary pressies and  decorations... but this year I thought I'd expand my Christmas collection a bit. I've got a fair selection of charms that I've not used yet... so that's what I'm using...

Wiccan; sun with opal, goldstone and beads
General; heart, jade,coral and beads
Wiccan; pentacle, amethyst and beads
Xmas; flake, tourminated quartz
Xmas; deer, amber and beads
I've listed a few on my shop on Etsy, already packaged up, but I also make commissions using requested gemstones, colours and charms, whatever your needs, just email to chat about it- no obligation!


  1. Your Etsy shop is filled with unique, beautiful and interesting items, and I hope they sell fast!
    The dreamcatcher you sent me last year will again have a special place on my Christmas tree. :)I love how you make them. So lovely and delicate.


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