Wednesday, 24 October 2012

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Zodiac quilt is coming along nicely...

It's only 3 months to go and we will have completed our 12 blocks on the 2012 Bead Journal Project. WOW! It's gone so fast... I've now actually finished beading my blocks, but I still have to embellish them with the appropriate crystals and coloured beads.
Each zodiac has so many associations and I thought I'd make a flat reference guide that would look great on the wall, and be totally useful too.
I've started working round a few of them- I've done 6 now... but I've got 3 months now to finish them all and then start embroidering the texts around the piece.
Here's how it's looking now...

Once this panel is done I'll be adding coloured panels around the outside with the seasons and symbols.


  1. Wow! Kal this looks beautiful but also like a lot of work! Amazing! So much detail and gorgeous colors! Great job!

  2. I really must try and keep up with my blogging friends, this is amazing and now i know I will never be a quilter.


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