Wednesday, 28 September 2011

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Halloween inchies and ATC's

Yes, I know it's a little early for Halloween, but if these little beauties are to get where they're going in time, we had to make them early. These are my latest inchie creations for the Needle Queens Halloween inchie swap at Milliande's 

They were great fun to make, I used up the baby wipes that I coloured while making some Halloween ATC's for another swap ( see below) and doubled them up with a heavy roofing fibre. The witches etc. were confetti just begging to be used!  The bigbird at the back was supposed to be a spider, but didn't really work out- he's more a moustacio'd gringo!

Tweedlesboth; white rabbit; Mad hatter; Malice and Cheshire cat.
These 5 cards were the hardest I've had to come up with so far...Alice in Wonderland meets Halloween! Another fun ATC swap at Milliande's. I'm not particularly happy with them, but they fit the requirements so I'll be thankful for that. Several members have diecut machines and  I am tempted to buy one- all those shapes in one simple movement... yet another dimension to my artwork...and all those textures....hhhmmm. They certainly seem to make creating ATC's a whole more dimensional.



  1. Love both these and I also struggled with the Wonderland swap. Just be careful if you cross over into the Die cutting zone as you will be addicted.

  2. I missed a lot here on your blog!
    I am absolutely jealous of your work, as I always am of Mary's. Your inchies are so gorgeous, cute, creative and absolutely adorable! And the ATCs, I mean, what is wrong with them?! I love the bird's view on them, again, so creative!

  3. Thankyou girls,
    I might just have to get big shot on Monday... where that will lead is a scary thought.
    Sonja- I guess i always wish I could have more imagination/skill for painting perfectly- I still struggle with having ideas I can't create reasonably well...must lighten up!!


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