Saturday, 18 August 2012

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Etsy getsy....

Well, I'm not normally one for shameless self-promotion, given I'm a typical self-depracating artist, but as I've spent so much time redoing my studio and repackaging my work I thought I'd better get off my bum and list them on Etsy, especially as I opened the account a year ago but have been too nervous to get's not like selling at fairs and events where you can talk to people and help them choose what's best- especially with my crystal therapy pieces. 

I haven't added much yet- it takes so long and I'm not sure the pics are good enough, so I'd appreciate some feedback if you wouldn't mind visiting my Etsy shop and let me know if there's something I can do better... and I've also set up a coupon if you feel like treating yourself to something funky and functional... type in CREATIVITY10 in the coupon section and it'll take 10% off your purchase.

I shall be adding lots of things over the next month, now I'm getting the hang of it, so look out for my artwork, textiles, journals and chainmaille.... 

And don't forget I prefer to make crystal pieces to order, that way I can choose crystals to work in the areas that you need to focus on, so if you fancy a really personal healing piece of jewellery or accessory just email me at While I appreciate alot of people value therapy sessions, I prefer to think that something specifically created will be a longer term aid because it will always be with you.

Have I gone too far in my shameless self- promotion?

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  1. I know how you feel I hate promoting myself,I will have a look,at what I am sure is a wonderful etsy shop .


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