Wednesday, 8 August 2012

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Making paper gift bags...

Wow! I've done it again... I seem to spend less and less on the internet as weeks go by... probably not a bad thing, but even so, it's making it hard to catch up.
Following on, and continuing to redo my studio I've repackaged all my jewellery and accessories with  newly designed cards and bags. I hadn't realised how much stock I still had, so it was good to see it all out at once again. They're all done now so I needed something nice to send them off in, and being fed up with those bulk-buy plastic bags I decided to make my own. So much fun, and you really get into a routine when you are doing 30-40 at a time.

Here's how they turned out- I've created 3 lots so far, each with a different paper; brown parcel paper, crafting magazine and a big glossy arty magazine.

These are the brown paper bags... I've added a tutorial in the How To- Crafts section.  I've added printed labels, and now my own design "recycle" tags. They are so simple to make I shan't be buying another bag again! And if you use different size magazines you can get different sized bags. I recommend gluing 2 glossy sheets together to make a large gift bag and keep the pages upright. They look great if you coordinate your magazines/paper to your stock...
here's a few... using a papercraft mag, and  a glossy art mag....

Double-spread  papercrafting mag, and my own tags....

And single glossy pages
Have a look at the tutorial and have a go... you'll enjoy how easy they are, and it'll save you an arm and leg in future pressie wrapping! If you're like me you'll have been saving all your gift-wrap from years passed so here's a chance to use some of that up!

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  1. I've been wanting to make these for quite some time, and now you inspired me to do it finally! Your bags look great! And I always love a recycling project! Thanks Kal! :)


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