Thursday, 10 January 2013

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A tissue, a tissue...we build a house!

So, with friends staying over the holidays it was guaranteed to be a busy, fun time, with no time for creativity- of the non-food or drink kind!
So I have been busy in the last week catching up for my swaps... 
Marilyn is hosting a "Winter Wonderland" ATC swap on Milliande's. I decided to try something new, rather than painting or collaging pictures. 
I loosely sketched a winter scene on watercolour paper, then proceded to paste coloured tissue papers in the appropriate places. Once I was happy with the arrangement of colours I overlaid scrumpled white tissue to subdue the colour and make it more abstract. 

After the gel medium had totally set I loosely went over the faint pencil lines with a technical pen to outline the house and details.
They're ready to post now, I hope the recipients like them.
It was a fun experiment which I may well use again in a future project...

Why not have a go yourself? All you need is a few scraps of tissue paper, some glue or gel medium and a waterproof pen. 


  1. this looks an interesting technique and I am sure if I search hard enough I will find some tissue paper slashed away somewhere in the house.

  2. Definately- everybody has some somwhere, usually from shoeboxes or gifts...


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