Friday, 11 January 2013

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Bookmaking fun...revisited

It was some time ago that I made a concertina book after a prompt in the Hinges group on Milliande's. The plan was to turn it into a family photo album- hence the specific stencilling on the canvas covers... that was so long ago!
As part of my "Finish up 2012 projects" campaign I sat down and finished it- woohoo! As it is a present for a family member that we've not seen before 2005 the photos are really about the kids growing up...
Here it is finished

There is a tutorial to make the book over on the How to's... Books page if you'd like to have a go. It's a beautiful little book and so versatile- you can use it for any personal story. Why not have a go?


  1. this is an amazing book, love the way it it opens up and I sure your family member will be over the moon with it.

  2. It really is beautiful. And so interesting to look and to play with!

  3. Thankyou girlies! I'm sure she will, and the more I make the better they'll get.xx Although I think I'm still owing on a book for the Hinges group- must check on that.xx


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