Wednesday, 11 July 2012

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Having spent several days creating tiny flowers and butterflies (see post below) I needed to complete my heart for July's Heart project

July's theme is transparency... working within a construct of acetate sheets. I had an idea a long time back at uni that I never found time for and this was a perfect opportunity to revive the idea.

I cut 3 pieces of acetate to match my other hearts... but I wanted a semi-opaque background so dug out some of the paper-fabric I created a while back.

 I sprayed that with clear gloss till it was saturated and semi-transparent then weighted it while it dried to the back layer of acetate. The idea was to ensure that some areas would remain clear and glassy.

The rest was fairly straight forward, I love nigella so painted that up in pearly paint. Once dried they were glued to the base layers. I inked July in the centre with pigment inks.
I also coloured the centres of the flowers and butterflies with my Promarkers. I blended some of them using surgical spirits. These were attached to the middle layer with gel medium, then sequins added in the centres.
I inked Sweet Summer onto this layer too. Next time I will use a darker ink... I wanted subtlety, but in handling these have smudged and all but disappeared. I think I need better inks...

Here it is completed... I gelled the edges together, punched holes in all around and did several rows of crochet to echo the flowers. All in all I'm quite pleased with it, but will be working out the ink issue... If I could redo it I would, but after all that crochet I'm not cutting it open!!

Thankyou Thealie for you prompt- it gave me the chance to revive old ideas and play with new ones at the same time. I've enjoyed this months challenge.


  1. Very sweet!!!! Did you crochet yourself flowers and butterflies?

  2. Hi ya, and thankyou! Yes I did, I blogged about it in the post before the heart. I'm going to put a pattern for them on my how-to page, if you'd like to try making some yourself. I'll update once it's added.

  3. Very nice, yehhhhhhhhhhhhhh ^^

  4. For me it is perfect. Wouldn't change a thing! Love the light look of it, and the crochet is gorgeous!

  5. gorgeous heart ! nice playing with layers !!!! congrats !

  6. Thankyou all for your wonderful comments! There are alot of beautiful hearts this month so far...

  7. Wonderful idea, beautiful heart. Congrats Kalona!

  8. What a beautiful heart, I like the flowers very much !
    Catherine from France

  9. Hi Kalona, here is lilibulle, what a piece of heart!! this artwork is amazing!!


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