Friday, 6 July 2012

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I HAVE BEEN BUSY...honest!

Shock horror- it's been a week since I posted! I must admit it was my birthday on Saturday so the weekend was fairly off limits for crafting.... but I did spend earlier in the week turning skirts into summer tops for me. I had several indian skirts that I barely wore and decided to get some more use out of them... I didn't take pics but I can do for the last one...

I have been busy since then having a huge tidy up and in-depth sort out of my home studio space in lieu of shuffling disciplines between here and my studio in town... I shall concentrate on textiles and crafts at home, and my art/sculpture/ messy work at the studio. Isn't it amazing how much stuff you accumulate- yet you never have what you need! How is that? 

Continuing with my monthly fabric postcard swaps over at stitchin fingers I had two to create: Trees; and Hats and Bags

Here is trees

I've only done the zodiac wall hanging as a quilting project, and that's more applique, so this was an exercise for me, working out how to make a pattern, cut and sew to make it look right. I think I need  a bit more practice- how do you make sure it sews flat? I'll get the hang of it...
I also played with some embroidery stitches and added sequins for the leaves. My new machine has been great for the altering projects, but this is the first time I've tried satin edging on it... not too bad, a bit of tweaking and it should be perfect- saves me blanket stitching everything- woohoo!

Hats was suggested really early in the month so I jumped on that, and then it expanded to hats and bags... oh well, never mind. Like my previous shoe FPC I wanted to make this a postcard version, rather than an image of a bag. So here it is with pockets, flap and fixings... getting the hang of that edging too!

They've been sent off now- I hope they arrive safely...

I've also been beading my BJP blocks for my zodiac wall-hanging, Cancer, Leo and Virgo... pics and things are over on the BJP 2012 page  Enjoy!

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  1. Love it!!! The leaves on that tree are such a gorgeous detail, adding to the texture...And the other piece is amazing! You have so many great ideas Kal!


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