Thursday, 28 June 2012

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I've been playing around with my ribbon stash again, setting up a supply of embellishments- I love making flowers- in beads, fabric, paper... whatever I need at the time... These are very quick and easy, won't fray, and look great in a single colour or a mix.
You will need 20-30" of ribbon, matching thread and a button. The wider the ribbon the longer the lengths should be, but it's best to play with them to see which look you prefer.
I have put the whole tutorial in the crafts section but here are a few pics to inspire...

These can be made any size, the longer the petals the more you can add... creating a wide daisy. The smallest of these is 1 1/2inches across.
Pop over to the tutorial grab some materials and have a go- once you've made one you'll be making more- the hardest thing will be deciding where to use them all!


  1. You amaze me,you always seem to come up with yet another brilliant idea.

  2. Thanks Mary! Have a play...xx

  3. These flowers are so cute! I love making my own embellishments, and this idea is great! You have some gorgeous ribbons there! :)


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