Thursday, 7 June 2012

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Butterflies are definately in this month...

A few days earlier I posted my heart for June's prompt... the material featured this month is gesso, highlighting "fossilised" shapes and textures. The heart turned out really well, and I enjoyed creating it so much I decided to do some more...

Here's the first one... on a spare piece of mountboard. I don't often use green but I thought it would work well for this. I shall probably frame this one, but I decided to create a set and have them proud of the frame so I'm collaging onto 6 x 4" canvas boards. It will be a set of four, one for each season... I'll post once they're done.


  1. I's amazing, Kalona! I don't know how to work with gesso, maybe you give us a tutorial.

  2. Can do... I've just done a set...but want to do a couple as book covers.Watch this space....xx


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