Tuesday, 5 June 2012

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Twinchie books- so sweet!

My good friend Sonja is hosting her first swap for these cute little two inch booklets... I've never made books this tiny so had to give it a go... especially as I had spent last Tuesday marbling cotton and some papers to stock up.
I wasn't going to make three, I only needed two for the swap, but they turned out so cute I made a spare for me to keep, and I shall be making some more to give to friends.

They were simple to create, make rectangle covers slightly bigger than the 1.5 x 2" pages, decorate and add ribbon. Sew the pages in place adding beads on the outside. Sew in end pages and then glue them to the fabric covers. Press for a while so they dry flat... and enjoy! These don't have anything in them, but I may add some text and images before I send them off. 

If you fancy receiving one of these why not join Sonja's swap and have some fun making your own too!


  1. Kal, These are gorgeous. I haven't decided how to do mine yet.

  2. Thanks Beth, I had the papers/fabrics sitting out drying off, so it wasn't hard to get inspired and started. I fancy making some bigger ones too, a tad more usable larger...

  3. Your books are gorgeous Kal! I really love them, with beads, and flowers...And the papers are beautiful! Now you understand why I love making these books. :) Thank you for spreading the word. :)

  4. These are the sweetest little books I've ever seen! Susanne

  5. They are delightful,I am so pleased to be in this swap,I had better get a move on and make mine.

  6. Love em...youre right they are sweet :)


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