Wednesday, 27 June 2012

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15 A /15 J/ 15 M Round Robin Journal

Well, it's been so long since I worked in an actual journal, but in the meantime I've done a page for Rhelda as she didn't make her journal and we're creating loose pages instead...

Art and Soul- one of my website titles, and so me... art from the heart... such a cliche, lol!! Oh well, can't be helped- I am what I am!
I used a similar technique to those I've been playing with recently, but I didn't use gesso, so no heating and bubbling, I didn't think paper would be strong enough to cope.
I used several of my lino cuts to emboss cards and built them up with layers of colour. I also used acrylics, texture gel, sequins,tape, cut-outs, several types of pen/ marker and both oil and soft pastels. I really need to improve my text though, I still seem to mess a page up with bad writing...alot of it is because i struggle to find a pen that will write nicely over pastels... anyone got any suggestions?
Hope Rhelda likes it... I've also added it to the ongoing diary section which has all my pages in other journals, and others work in my journal... it's coming on now... nearly halfway though!


  1. cette page est absolument magnifique !!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous, as always. Your textures and colors are just perfect!


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