Thursday, 26 July 2012

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Well, I can't say we haven't had a taste of summer this week! Actual sunshine, blue skies and B-B-Q's... hooray! And the rain promises to hold off... until the opening of the Olympics! Humph, isn't that just typically British weather! It is virtually guaranteed to rain on Bank Holidays and special events...
I have not seen much of it though, because I have been stripping out, repainting the walls and floor and rearranging my studio in the art gallery.... so much stuff, you just don't appreciate how it accumulates till you move it... and that's obviously not including the room of materials etc at home!! If I ever needed to give it up I'd need to rent a house to store it all....
It's looking so much better now, before they were only allowed to be working studios, but everyone is now  displaying work so I've created a mini gallery area by the door. Hopefully this will encourage more visitors all round and more sales throughout.
So here's what we look like now...

mini gallery end

first view

my wall opposite

a bit for-shortened, but better arranged inside
We're back to putting on regular exhibitions in the main gallery, which is huge, and I'm feeling a bit stronger and able to spend more time there again, so hopefully I can get some bigger work finished rather than the small scale work at home. Feels like the sun came out just in time!!


  1. Why didn't I receive an email about this post??? I like how your work is displayed. You are an amazing artist!

  2. Hmmm, I don't know... I did post these 2 at the same time, so maybe they were combined?
    I may have begun with textiles/fibres as a kid, but once at school I got into painting...since then I use alot of materials and always learning/ experimenting, but I'm definately getting back into textiles more and more...I need to find a way to combine both together so it works well...I am definately an artist- compulsively obsessed with creating, I'd go insane without it!xx I think you're similar, x

  3. Wonderful space and light,I am always so inspired by your work Kalona.


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