Monday, 4 February 2013

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January and February B & CQ JP blocks

Well they happened much quicker than I expected, but my eyes are telling me off! On Saturday I put my fabrics together for January and February blocks, then yesterday and today were spent adding the details.

I'll admit now, I was so keen to get going I've messed up my plan already! These beautiful tear-drop shapes were supposed to be orange/yellow, the red/orange were supposed to be the pointy top shapes... oh well, too late now- I'm not starting over, like last year! They kinda look like birds heads, which follows the flying theme, so I chose to add a couple of round mirrors to the stitching...
 Here's how they turned out... 

For the whole design and  more detailed pics pop over to the B & CQ JP 2013 section
I can't wait now to do the March block... I have one extra block- the body, so I could get on and do that early...


  1. Pretty! Such bright, happy colors. Sometimes the beads and the fabric just take over and change the plan. Have fun with it.
    Marty S

  2. Oh my, how cool is this! I love the colors and textures! I can't wait to see more pieces! So pretty!

  3. Gorgeous colors, Kal! A stained glass butterfuly...? I can't wait!

  4. You have done lots of adorable work in a short time! Obviously, your butterfly is getting ready for a proud take-off.

  5. Love your idea...beautiful work! Will look forward to seeing them as you create!

  6. these have turned out beautifully Kal

  7. I really like what you are doing and like where the color choices have led you. Will be fun to see the butterfly all finished! I"m inspired by the crazy quilting idea, such a great fusion with beads.

  8. Wow! Thankyou all so much for the positive comments! I hope bythe end I have perfected a few new skills with embroidery and beading design...I am enjoying it though, hope it lasts,lol! xx

  9. Can't wait to see the finished quilt, these are beautiful. I always have a problem getting crazy patches to lie as I want them to, yours have worked out well.

  10. Delightful work, Kalona. I love it.My first textile work was a crazy patchwork, look in my blog. I love too the beads, the stitchies, embellishments...gorgeous!

  11. These turned out very, very well, Kalona! I am impressed with the way the beads, fabrics and stitches work so well together, which is not often the case with beginners at CQ. Congratulations! There are many butterflies with "eyes" on their wings, supposedly an adaption to ward off predators. So not only do you have "bird eyes" but also "protective eyes." Neat!


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