Wednesday, 13 February 2013

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Market and make its...

Where does the time go? I keep planning to do a new post, then get caught up making listings or liking some great shops on Facebook... That's not to say I spend all day on the laptop- nooo! I do get a little bit of work done too!
I'm halfway through a selection of items in my collaged textiles so I thought I'd show you my process... As I've mentioned before I make each piece on a 12 x 14" base, so once it's used up, that's it- totally unique and utterly limited. 

It takes a good few hours to cut and layer scraps of fabrics, plastics, punchinella, wool, or whatever feels right, and interweave it with embroidery and machining in different stitches and colours. Once it's finished the hardest thing is to decide what to use it for... if  I'm planning a backpack I need to take that first because it takes most of the piece, from there I choose items according to what I can squeeze out of it.. a needlecase, pincushion, and if there's any left, maybe a dongle cover or keyring...

I spent yesterday at the Dover Bluebird Market, and as usual I took along some pieces to work on, all cut, prepped and ribbons, buttons and pages chosen.
Here's what I  managed to get done...

So here they are,2 new needlecases, 7 keyrings and a pincushion...  2 more cases to go, sew in the pages and they'll be ready. Next I have to finish  a waistcoat... watch this space!


  1. you have some nice pieces here, maybe I will get to do something with the fabric I have made on my embellisher, lots of fabrics but no ideas as to what to do with it but seeing what you are creating is getting my imagination going, thanks!

  2. These are all gorgeous! Colorful, unique, and practical too! :)

  3. Thankyou both! I love making these textiles.. but really I'm putting off creating a piece big enough to cut for a waistcoat front!! Shall have to get down to it soon...
    What I'd give to be able to buy an embellisher! What fun... or a proper programmable machine, think of all my artwork I could embroider without making holes in my fingers!! A whole new range of goodies


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