Saturday, 23 February 2013

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A little pressy... for you!

Time has gotten by me again! Busy, busy, busy! Lots to be blogging about, but little time to blog- oh the irony. A sneak peek at what I'm making this week following shortly...

 In the meantime, a little present to all my friends, both old and new, 



in the checkout at my Etsy store for a 15% discount on all my OOAK items and gifts, until March 9th.



 PS- I've also started adding items to my shop page on Facebook, some very special pieces, many never to be repeated, a few at a very reduced price- pop over for a bargain designer item.


  1. Still not sure how you find time to create so much wonderful art.


Sorry to add the verification box- I hate them so... but I've been getting alot of spam messages lately! Hopefully I'll be able to remove it in a while.xx

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