Friday, 9 March 2012

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I've just joined in another Round Robin journal hosted over at Willowing. There are only 10 of us at the moment so it should go round quite quickly... I'm hedging my bets with another swap, seeing as my current journal has been with an artist for 3 months now without any recent contact, and while I'm all for hoping it's due to unforseen circumstances, I can't help but hold onto my ultra-pessimistic side and suppose I'll never see it again- or any of the lovely artwork I know has already been done in it...
So here goes round 2 of 2012... and my first spread...

Unlike my other RR's I haven't really done anything to the outside. As I made it I used gessoed canvas as the covering and I will paint it after it's back, once I've found a fitting image to match the contents.
I've loosely themed it Myth and Magic, but I imagine not everyone will like that so I'm expecting an eclectic mix.

So, here we go - round 2 of 2012, hope it goes round smoother than my current one.... can't wait to see it filled!!


  1. Kal this is amazing! How did you do it? Is it painted, collaged, I have no idea! And the edges are gorgeous! Is it ink or did you burn them? I really love it! Maybe it's because I'm currently reading G. Martin's book and I LOVE his books, so maybe I'm taken by the fantasy, mysticism and dragons...but this spread speaks to me.

  2. Thankyou Sonja, I love dragons and fantasy too, I did want to be a fantasy illustrator, but could never paint well enough to my liking...or come up with indepth scenes... so I leave it to the experts and drool.
    This is built up with alcohol inks sprayed over my handcut celtic stencils, an old pic I printed out years ago to copy and never did, more stencilling using cupcake frills, the edges are inked, I stamped the big heart, then played with my technical pens for the texts, swirls and details. I ought to do more dragons and pegasus, but journal prompts rarely use fantasy as a theme...
    I don't know G.Martin- will have to look... my fave dragony books are the Dragonlance series- 30-40 books and counting!, the Eragon series- much better than the film, Anne Macaffrey writes some great books too.. xxx perhaps we should do something fantasy as our collaboration?

  3. The fantasy collaboration would be great, although I've never done anything like that before. Another challenge for me...:) I haven't read the Dragonlance books, but I'll check if the bookstores have them.
    By the way, I finally started weaving "our fabric" - better late than never, right? But I've had a disaster with the poncho I was weaving, so I'll have to keep my mouth shut this time and say nothing until it's finished. :) I thought of making a plain weave (or canvas weave) cotton, so that we could add stuff to it later. What do you think?


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