Thursday, 22 March 2012

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Zodiac rethink...

I've had 3 very unsuccessful attemps to do my blocks for the Bead Journal Project 2012. In January I drew out a design for an appliqued wall-hanging featuring zodiac, pagan and mystical symbols... I've detailed it further in my Bead Project section and promptly set about designing and beading the symbol blocks.
The first one was awful, Aquarius, so I did a second. For February I did the next, but in my frustration I beaded the wrong symbol... so now I have 3 beaded blocks- none of which I'm happy with... so this weekend I set about redesigning the blocks.
Having just completed a textile background for my spring cards and ATC's, in yellow, I felt that this would be a good base for my symbols. A little rethink was necessary- originally each section was to be completed in it's associated colours and crystals, so I would need to work them in a different way.
Aquarius- January's
Now they are split into their element groups Water, Air, Earth and Fire and I am using a collaged textile as the base. I already had Air, Water and Fire textiles so spent Saturday making Earth in sumptuous greens.

Pisces- February's

Aries- March's


I've just caught up with the first 3...fully beaded and complete so now I can at last post on the BJP 2012 blog and although they are not hugely, or intricately beaded, they now fit my project perfectly.

More pics can be seen in the BJP 2012 section.


  1. Adorei as peças, muito bonita. Abraços, Algecira

  2. Obrigada Angecira, eu tenho muito mais para fazer ... xxx

  3. This is so interesting! I know nothing about zodiac and things like that, but these are gorgeous, and I love the story - Earth and Air, the colors and the stones...So cool! And your patience to make something like this is amazing!

  4. Isn't it fun when everything finally comes together? Good job! Have fun with the year, Happy Beading.


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