Sunday, 1 April 2012

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Fabric fun... pincushions, needlecases and flowers...

This week's  art-time has pretty much been taken up with fabrics and fibres. I've had several things I needed to replace for quite some time... eg, a pincushion, a new needle book, a case for my crochet needles... many of which I've had for faaaaaaar too long and are long past their youthful sturdiness.

I found some nice fabrics a while back and decided to use some of that, especially as I can use 3 patterns. The ball I made is so easy- it's an adaption of a baby soft toy. I cut 12 ovals each in 3 fabrics... this should be about 2 inches long, 1 inch wide, but you can make larger or smaller... smaller is seriously cute!!

Here's the finished pincushion...

As you can see it's very simple to create. Sew 3 pieces together and stuff to make a segment. (I added 1/8th inch to the template because I was using a machine and turning them out, but you can oversew if the material allows)
Then sew 4 segments together at one end, twice. The remaining 4 segments are sewn to each available end to create the waist of the ball. I finished it off with buttons and ribbon.
This can be made in one fabric, but I like to vary what I use- both in patterns and material...

As I was in a wool and crochet cycle I spent some time making flowers and hearts... these are cute little things that I hadn't made for a long while and was reminded of by a friend...
I keep all my wool ends just for such projects....

simple crocheted roses

crocheted lilies
sweet frilly hearts
fun combo....
As I'm gradually posting a number of creations that need a pattern of some description I shall create a pattern section soon and add them all there, so if you fancy trying something yourself the details will be available.

Here's a pic of the felted crocet hook case


  1. That is the cutest pincushion ever! I love the shape and the bright colors! Also, I will be waiting for your pattern section because I would love to learn how to crochet those flowers! Gorgeous!

  2. It's over there now... have fun with it!!


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