Friday, 6 April 2012

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I'm getting into the swing of making themed matchboxes now... the latest monthly theme over at milliande's is "Asian" So much to play with there so I did a bit of research into kanjis... beautiful characters that signify a word or thought... I found several that were fitting so I decided to make a little concertina wall hanging.

These are the cover and boxes... lucky I had a small set of oriental stamps waiting for such a project, and my copic markers needing breaking in too!

This is the full length. It draws up with cord. I'm not sure whether to put a translation in with them, or leave it for my swap partners to research and find each kanji... but I've ordered them so that they create a loose meaning... maybe I'll leave it a month, then forward the translation!


  1. You really are amazing Kal! So many ideas, so much inspiration and imagination! I admire you! These matchboxes are so cute! I love how you made them!

  2. These are wonderful,I have got a little lazy with the swaps ,But you have inspired me to play again.


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