Tuesday, 24 April 2012

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Promarker storage

I've been looking for a reasonable storage solution for my increasing collection of Promarkers- they're quite chunky so normal pen cases just aren't big enough, and the nice zip up cases only hold 24 or 45 pens...
I don't keep them on my desk as I often work in a variety of places and want them to hand. A rigid stand wasn't appropriate either...
I love recycling fabrics and I happen to have a few books of upholstery fabric samples so I made up a roll to slip the pens into and a bag to keep them together. Perfect!

 8 rainbow sections to keep colours in groups of 10... shame I thought of brown after the fact as I have 9 of those so I've put them in the violet section for the time being... I also coloured a sticker for each pen so I could see them all from above.

Rolled and secured with ribbon. Even like this I can see where each colour is and replace it to keep them orderly.

A zipped bag using the remnants from the rolls. I've made it a bit bigger to allow for more pens, and lined with mountboard for stability. I shall add a small bag for spare lids/fine nibs etc.


  1. Cool idea Kalona. Did you make these or buy them? I have seen something like these for crayons for kids.

  2. I designed/made it using upholstery fabric samples.It's 8" across and 8" tall...I made it to hold 80 pens so if I get more I'll need another!I'll need different fabric then because the samples won't be big enough...maybe I should make some for Etsy/Ebay...

  3. This is beautiful and practical! Love it!


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