Sunday, 29 April 2012

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Creative Colour Challenge

I forgot to blog my entry into this months CCC, the theme this month being MUSTARD. I created a textured spiral shell on canvas using gel medium and acrylics. I have a growing set of these now because as I get an urge, I do them in different colours, but I'd not done a yellow as it's not a colour I like too much. I like creating a 3D feel to my work using both a texture gel and careful shading- from a distance they look like padded pillows.


  1. This is very clever Kalona ,and it gives a great 3D effect.

  2. This is great and would love to see how you do that technique. Wish I had all of your creative energy,too :)

  3. I love this effect - tell - tell how you do it - it does look like a puffy pillow top - your creativity makes me smile all over my face - such diversity and variety - love it!!

  4. Hi girls- I draw the spiral on the canvas, then pipe gel medium over the lines to build up the sections. When dry I sponge paint the sections to get an even shading, then paint over the medium with a bronze, and highlight with golden violet/green irrid paint- eh voila! It looks great big... I have a 30x 40" shell in my living room. I use gel like this in alot of work... it really adds to the texture/

  5. Every time I see your spiral shells I go nuts! They are beautiful! And yes, you say it's easy to do, but it seems like that to you because you have the talent. They are gorgeously textural and kind of meditating. I could look at this painting for hours!


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