Thursday, 12 April 2012

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Just Journaling...

Having got ahead with all my swapping, I've had this week to do some journaling. I've  a few journals been sitting a while because I wasn't expecting to receive a pile in one go, so now's the perfect time to get them filled...
So here's a peek into what I created...

Deedee's 15-15-15 journal " NATURE DREAMS VISIONS"

Joy's pass & paint "ART HEALING"

Beth's pass & paint "LOVE"

Mindy's pass & paint "ALTERED"

Heather's pass & paint "UNDER THE BIG TOP
 I seem to be having trouble creating pages lately. I know they're NOT supposed to be perfect, but at the same time I expect a certain level of competance and skill from myself... after all I have been creating and painting forever! Or is it that I'm compensating  because I'm not creating large format work at the moment? I've never really thought about that... does creating "proper" large work free me up to play more in my journals and books? I get my fix of "perfection" and "intention" working on pre-planned work which allows me to be more spontaneous and less regimented elsewhere... I shall have to look into this more, but from my current work mode it seems quite likely.


  1. I really like your pages, and I don't see any imperfections. Art journal is supposed to be spontaneous and fun, right?

  2. Yes they are Sonja, but I can't help needing everything I do to be the best it can be... always been that way... I've tried loosening up, but only seem to manage that when I'm doing "proper" work too, not just doing small stuff. I guess you do what you do... I'm happy you have found letting go and enjoying it... stick with it!


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