Sunday, 22 April 2012

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Dolly doodles...

Well, not exactly! I've decided to take part in a doll swap over at stitchin fingers, particularly as the theme is Elements... well, the four, at least. Those of you that know me will understand I just couldn't say no - I've been interested and working with the four elements and symbols for years i one form or another, but I've never made Elemental dolls.
True to form, I start from scratch, so having designed the doll look, I went on to creating a set of symbols to use on the fabrics...
This is the first stage, the pen and ink design....



I also decided to make a finished panel for each symbol, never one to pass up an excuse to doodle!

The others are done in a similar fashion.....
The next stages are countless... drop it into Photoshop and play.... colour them in, add a few filters... and come up with a collection of useful symbols...

I hate that my BA lecturer thinks photoshop is not an honest artist tool- so oldschool- it is so versatile, what she doesn't appreciate is that you still need a reasonable depth of knowledge to get what you want, and still have to master the software to create what you want... so what's the difference to using a paintbrush?

So here's the complete set in full colour, but un-enhanced...

I've painted the fabrics for the bodies using fabric paints, here they are, cut and painted, ready to sew together, but I need to find the right leg,arms and face fabrics first...

I've got till the end of June to finish one, but I reckon I'll have the set done as a whole, just too much fun not to!


  1. fabulous! these are so incredibly cool!

    i love symbols and the elements... i haven't played around much yet in the area of symbols but it's on the agenda...

    your color choices are fantastic too

  2. Thankyou Sherri, there is alot to the symbols, it's great to research. The colours are those already associated with each symbol, minus the fifth element spirit which is white.

  3. love how your brain works and the amazing creativity that emerges - these will be so gorgeous I know - can't wait to see them. xxruth

  4. Gorgeous! As always, you do wonders no matter what material or program,lol, you use. I really love the symbols, the colors are beautiful.

  5. Kal you are amazing. Your symbols are beautiful and I look forward to seeing your dolls.


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