Saturday, 14 April 2012

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Bookmaking Adventure...

Ruth posted a new challenge over on Milliande's The Hinges group, the theme for April is Japanese stab bound books. I've had a look at some and thought it would be perfect for a reference book I want to create. Similar to my Zodiac wallhanging, I want to compile info on colours and their associations- chakras, crystals, healing, moods etc... and rather than keep looking in many books I want it all easy to hand, specific to me.
It's taken 2 days so far, but the book is finished... now I just have to compile the info I want, do some texts and sketches and she's a done deal!
I shall put a tutorial over in the how-to's books  section- I've just edited the pics...

The cover is collaged textiles, the inserts are sponged watercolour paper separated with tissue paper. Card is folded, punched, eyeletted and threaded to create info sheets which will stand alone for ease.
I can see me making more like this...


  1. beautifullllll! as usual - you have such a flair and style - love your stab book. Show us when its all finished - hugs ruth

  2. Thanks Ruth! I need to compile the info I want for each colour... associated crystals, chakras, healing, moods etc, so it's all in one place rather than trolling through many may take a while!

  3. Love it! Colorful textiles and yarn, just gorgeous!

  4. You amaze me Kalona, everything you do is wonderful,I really must try and read the blog more often.

  5. Lol, thankyou Mary!! As you were reading this I was writing a new


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