Wednesday, 30 May 2012

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Fabric paper shoes...

May was fun for my birthday card swaps... I made paper fabric using napkins, tissue, wool, leaves and a few other things... I shall be making more! And silk paper too very shortly!
As a by-product I ended up with some transfer dyed silk, and one of my swaps themes was "Shoes" this month. So I quite fancied the idea of making a sneaker type card complete with eyelets and laces...

I over-sewed traditional seams and added a tongue. The whole thing backed on felt and blanket stitched the edge. I'm quite happy with this, it turned out really cute. I might have to do some more shoes...


  1. I admire your imagination Kal. This is amazing!

  2. What a beautiful project! You are very very creative! Love the shoe, did you make more?

  3. Thankyou both... it was fun! I quite fancy making more- I may do some as cards for christenings/births.I need to get some work on Etsy- so daunting!all that typing!


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