Wednesday, 30 May 2012

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Shrinkie name tags

Having made paper fabric for the birthday card bases I wanted a little pressie as an addition. I love Shrinkies- a plastic that you draw and colour then heat. It shrinks to half the original size but becomes 8 times thicker- it's fun to watch it curl and wriggle!
They are perfect for those of us that love doodling- just draw on the back and colour in... then heat till they shrink.

Here are a few of the little tags...

I hope they arrive safely... I haven't heard yet..


  1. Thanks Sonja- I hope they've arrived safely- people seem to not be posting this last month and I'm sure other senders would like to know their work arrived safely too... xxx

  2. love what you've done with your shrinkies - just made a new litter of kitties last night - need to make some more buttons too. Love the names pieces - a neat idea - might have to borrow!!

  3. Thanks Ruth! It's just perfect for the job... I've had some since I first bough angelina but never knew what to do with it till you sent me the kitty... I also use them as tiny labelling tags on my books etc.. you know...hand made by....
    What we doing for books this month??


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