Friday, 1 March 2013

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B & CQ JP Butterfly- March block

It's March 1st, where's time gone? Woosh...
I'd been looking forward to making this month's block and I made the base up ready last night... January and February's blocks are reds and orange, this month is orange and yellow so that the whole piece will eventually be rainbow coloured.

I've used a wide range of fabrics, including the sample piece that Spoonflower send, well, it fitted the theme!
For the full pic and an ongoing summary visit the B & CJ JP page .


  1. very bright and cheerful, a reminder spring is on the way for us in the UK

    1. Thankyou Margaret, it does seem to be dull and grey still... maybe next month will be better...

  2. I *LOVE* seeing that spoonflower patch in there! That's just the greatest ;-)

  3. Thankyou Cindi... shows how little I actually throw out.. so little space- so much stash!


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