Saturday, 30 March 2013

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Rainbows and Dreamcatchers

My word, it's happened again- 2 weeks gone by without a post... shame on me! As a means of excuse I have been busy though, completing Etsy orders and a few from our Tuesday marketplace. Here's a few peeks at finished work as a catch up...

 A textile covered journal in my favourite colour combo wending it's way to the US as I type....

Another rainbow journal commissioned as a child's memory book... so sweet! 

I've enjoyed making a rainbow so much I think I'm going to make myself one for my Large Moleskine, yummy!

Isn't it funny how things run in groups? Two orders for rainbow coloued journals, and  two orders for two-tone dreamcatchers ...

Purple and silver, lots of amethyst, my favourite combo- not keen on the gold... This one was great fun to make as I played with the wire in a different way... no two are ever the same, that's what I love about making One Of A Kinds, no duplicates. I'm going to start adding wire names to my wedding dreamcatchers... I'm already doing names on my beaded flower memorial frames so why not...

and what about this cute little dreamcatcher for a girl's room... pink and green, with unakite, pink howlite and rose quartz

That's not all I've been up to, but I'll leave that for another post...


  1. you have been busy, the journals are just my cup of tea and the dream catchers have worked very well, some people are going to be delighted when these drop through the letter boxes.

  2. Hi Kalona. Wonderful works! ... I gave you an award, fondly. Read on my blog
    Please give it away ...

  3. Thankyou both! The dreamcatchers were loved hugely... thankfully, I do worry about delivery... and the lady who commissioned the small journal was over the moon... just waiting on the bigger one getting to the US soon. x

    I'll pop over in a moment Carmina- thankyou very much,xx


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