Thursday, 7 March 2013

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Mum's the word...

It's almost here... Mother's Day in the UK- isn't the US on a different date? Much as I love my mum she can be a pain to gift! She's an accomplished seamstress, has everything she wants, and has been given countless portraits, cases, books and accessories made by me over the years... every year gets harder to find something that will fit her needs and taste... nevertheless, I still would rather make something personal than buy a bunch of flowers!
While at the Bluebird Market this Tuesday I took some aida to start working on... drew "Mum" on it and began working in cross stitch. Once I got going it opened up the possibilities to how I'd complete it... the rectangle could be framed and the square could be turned into a heart.
So today I finished them both...

The question is which one do I give her? 

I decided Saturday morning when I wrapped the heart... thought it the better piece... so what shall I do with the other?


  1. March 8....have a wonderful day, Kalona!

  2. enjoy your time with your Mum, and you only have one so why not give her both designs?

  3. Lol, I would do Margaret, but I know that her cabinet is full of things I've made her already and I know there'll be a few more things to add yet so I don't want to use up too much space this year...xx


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