Sunday, 31 March 2013

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Blogging award- who me?

How lovely! A dear friend many, many miles away has sent me an award for my creations...

Carmina is a great talent so it is even more special that she has chosen my work for this award. You can find Carmina's blog here.


I now get to choose 4 blogs that I feel deserve a viewing and recognition for their wonderful work, so here are my choices;

Sonja's work is varied an amazing, from weaving to journals and mixed media art, find her work at Art from my soul

Louise's work is both unusual and stunning, see her work at River Girl Art

Robin is an absolute inspiration for bead work, so many gorgeous pieces and styles, check out her website and blog

Fourthly, if you want some inspiration for some really funky fun, you cannot do better than visit Gas Art's blog

 I'm sure you'll enjoy your visits!


  1. Wow....thank you Kalona, for yours kind words. My english is not enough rich to express this...but you know, I very appreciate your works.

  2. congratulations on a well deserved award, will check out the 4 blogs you have chosen as I do not follow any of them at the moment

  3. Congratulations Kal! I agree with Margaret, it is well deserved! Your work is beautiful and such an inspiration for all of us! Thank you for the nomination! xoxo!


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