Friday, 4 November 2011

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At last- a website!!

Well, I'm not particularly software minded, and I'm not very skilled at learning programming, but at least I can say I'm tenacious and dedicated!
So at last, a website with selections of my work in a variety of mediums- painting, photography, textiles, a bit of  digital manipulation- all the things I love doing...
I know it's not fancy and professional like all the great sites out there, but it's mine. There's time to add elements like a cart and buy it now, but that will come as I learn how to do that....
In the meantime, enjoy a bigger display of my work than I'm able to show on my favourite community art site  , here is my site                                  

A selection of my acrylic work



  1. Congratulations Kal!!! I love your website! Your work is so amazing, so beautiful, I am envious of your talent! :)

  2. Thankyou Sonja! Websites are not my strongpoint!! You are equally talented- your work is amazing!! We just work in some different arenas...makes for great collaborations though- we'll have to create something together!!! xxx


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