Saturday, 12 November 2011

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Little Pocket Pouches

It's coming up for Christmas and one of my favourite stocking fillers is a little pocket pouch...useful to keep all manner of goodies together; make-up, pens, keys, jewellery, or my fave- certain female products that you have to carry round with you. It's all so much more discreet if they're tucked neatly into a pouch.

I've put a tutorial over in the  how-to textiles page, if you feel like having a go! If you use scraps of material it will only take 15 time at all for such a funky, useful little pouch.

Personal Pockets, recycled sheets, school shirt and baby wipes

Don't forget to send a pic of your creation for the gallery!! Have fun- go mad- bead it up after you've turned it the right way!!

There is now a pic of Mary's creation in the Friends' Gallery, take a look, they are super!!!


  1. These are Great ALTHOUGH due to my age I will not need one for what you suggest.But tomorrow if I find time I will have a go.
    Thank you

  2. Lol! Looking forward to that myself!! Well, maybe you can put your phone in it? or what about tissues? they always get messed up...
    You can change the dimesions to make it longer/square depending on intended use...have fun though- show me after.xx

  3. Update- I had to make one straight away as I had plenty of wipes already stained and ready to go.I will post a photo.

  4. Thank you for the tutorial Kalona! I love the ones you made, and I will give it a go as soon as I repair my sewing machine! Or maybe I should take a sewing class and find out there is nothing wrong with the machine, LOL! Love your creations!!!

  5. Hi Ladies,
    How did it go Mary? You can email a pic via the contact me page.
    Sonja, you can do this by hand!! I have done, it's just much quicker on a machine. Tack the front and back to save time, when you sew up the sides it will catch the seam. Then you can oversew the outside edges once you've turned it inside out.xx


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