Wednesday, 23 November 2011

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Mandalas...part deux

I know I should really be working on so many other projects, but I need to get this out of my system first. I'm really enjoying them, but I love the effect a bit of doodling has....

Perhaps I should call it a day for a little while...I must finish the goodies box and do another 1000 words on my essay....Oh well! These 3 have been put through my filter again...what a difference!! In fact the bottom one is from the previous'd not know....


  1. I always admire anyone who creates these,as i just do not have the patience.

  2. I'll agree with that! These being my first few tries I've found it great fun, but very time consuming...still quicker than painting a canvas though!

  3. WOW!!!I LOVE them! Your colors are gorgeous! And I love the fact that there isn't too much doodling so that the colors come to life better. Although, I love doodling too! :) I've listened to your advice and tried mandala my self, but I didn't do any research and I think I lack more knowledge about them and about the process of making them. Mine turned out to be "doodle crazy". Anyway, it's still work in progress, and I'll show it on my blog once it's finished, weather it's good or not. :)

  4. Hi Sonja!
    Glad you've given it a go...take a look at this link-
    It's great to help you get going, I'd never got round to them before....
    I quite fancy the idea of taking it further, using textiles as the base and oversewing for the doodles...maybe next century, lol!

  5. I watched the videos and they were really helpful. Thank you for the link! I'm still a bit shy with using my watercolor pencils, don't ask me why! :) But one of these days...You certainly inspired me to give it a try and it's so meditating! Thanks! :)

  6. Great stuff! Have a doodle over xmas...and get those pencils working!!


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