Thursday, 1 December 2011

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Sketchbook fun

I'm still working on my textiled sketchbooks, my current creations are A5, I'm finding that's both a nice size to work, and a reasonable size for sketching.
As well as creating these for sale, several of them will be going to unsuspecting friends for christmas, I can't wait to see their faces when they open them!

This is one of my favourites, spirals and blues. 72 pages of artist quality cartridge paper, yummy, I shall have to make one for myself  after the xmas rush. Here are a few of the others...A5's and A6's


  1. beautiful books! Lucky friends... ;-D

  2. OMG! Kalona, you make magic! Are these felted? I love the colors you used for each and every one of the books! Absolutely stunning!!!

  3. Thankyou both so much!
    These are quite fun and addictive, I seem to have gone mad on them!
    Soja- these are babywipes!! lol- like in the how to-books tutorial. I fancy making some felt ones, but would prefer to make them slip-on so they can be re-used on new books...maybe after xmas?

  4. Well, I have to say, again, OMG!!! Baby wipes! I haven't used them before, so now you AGAIN made me inspired and crazy about the idea! Woman, you are an inspiration! :) Thank you!

  5. I fully agree with Annie Bodelier and I volunteer to become one of your friends ;-) Wow, such beautiful books you've made! I'm totally in love with the blue one and I'm seriously considering a hunt for babywipes and a cloth to support them. Gotta figure out if we have anything that looks like yours over here in the Netherlands. Really nice, I'lll come back for more eyecandy!

  6. OH you're going to make my head swell! stop!!
    As a suggestion, for a slightly bigger book certain floor wipes are a better size.Mr Muscle are ok...but I shop round for the best size/price. Also some have a lovely quilted/
    bobbly effect that works nicely too. They do need rinsing first...
    For the backing you could use felt,vylene(haberdashery) j-cloth,cheap fibre cleaning cloth or even cotton- just something to help the babywipe work under the needle.
    Have a go, it will be worth it!


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