Wednesday, 14 December 2011

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I've just finished my entry into Trine's journal in our 17-17-17 Round Robin. ("host" deleted site)

Details are over in my 17 A-17 J-17 M page. This is the second journal I've added to in this RR. It's always so difficult getting started, but the journals so far have been beautifully made and designed so having them a little while helps to get the imagination flowing...



  1. I know Trine will love this page it is just perfect for her.

  2. Thankyou Mary! It's one thing to mess up in your own journal- it's quite another to produce something horrible in someone elses...I do worry about it some! Usually

  3. Wonderful page Kal! Love the color! I do admire you ladies, art journal is something I haven't tried yet. It seems easy, but actually isn't! I do have my own version of it, but it's not the "real thing". Another challenge...? :)

  4. Ah, Sonja... a journal is a journal!! I know what you mean though, I've only been making/filling journals for a year. I thought it would help me get my ideas out of the way quickly, leaving me time to work on my canvases etc, but I find it takes a day to fill a page, so not really time-effective for me. Everyone has their own version, it just seems that alot of journallers seem to have perfected not spending all day on it and still maintaining a style. I've gone back to sketching my ideas in my books...and work them bigscale later...I journal in other peoples journals so I can keep it up. How about a textile journal? They seem popular, and very you!! Maybe after xmas that's what we look at as our project? xxx


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