Sunday, 18 December 2011

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17-17-17 becomes 15-15-15 +1

Well, yesterday was a shocker!!! Our swap host turned out to be a devious, needy, selfish individual who despite pleading difficulties and illnesses galore on our 17-17-17 swap, begging for patience and support which we willingly gave- in abundance! was accidentally found out to be doubling up exactly the same on a different community art site.
Sadly she forced us into taking the robin into our own hands, having pretty much done so from the beginning anyway, due to lack of steering and communication. So 17 became 15, and 1 came back, so now we are 16 at last!
So we continue our journey... a load lighter and with positive future. Roll out those journals!!!


  1. What a rotten thing for someone to do! Was it someone just trying to get some free handmade items and cheating others in the process? If so, that is about as low as one can get.

  2. I really don't know...but she seems to be a serial community joiner who starts swaps, or joins, and then gets work sent but rarely manages to get her stuff to the right recipient. I've had messages from different community members saying the same...
    She seems to be very needy,full of excuses, using health as a reason for lack of responsibility while being fully active elsewhere...
    she may truly be ill,but to use it to excuse her actions is plain wrong.What she is doing takes forethought,intent and disregard for others feelings.We're glad we're now free of it all.


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