Monday, 5 December 2011

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Origami xmas fun....

As it's getting close to sending time for all those funky xmas cards, I thought I'd add something a little different...
I add a little origami heart in my RAAK's mail, in alsorts of tissue and paper, they're fun and very easy to do...

but I thought I'd get a little festive and send little stars for xmas. They are quite easy to make and look lovely in a keep your eye on the mail, one may be on it's way to you!

 I will be putting tutorials in the how to section soon, so keep checking back.



  1. These are delightful,but you know if you get the Sizzix you will not have time for Origami.

  2. LOL! Sure I will!! I sit for an hour or so making hearts and butterflies, so I have a's the other things that will ahve to give, like washing up, hoovering, ironing, all the senseless things! That's what kids are training!

  3. These are so cute! :) They would look great on the Christmas tree or on the table as a part of a centerpiece, actually I could come up with a dozen other options! :)


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