Thursday, 22 December 2011

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15-15-15 +1 gets a new Blospot

Despite a stonking cold and migraine I've been plugging away in dribs and drabs so that the girls can chat away, friend up, and post work and link up on Facebook etc. I'm by no means a techie, hate this stuff really, but love things to match and look right.
Made up a logo for us...

15 +1 is the story of 15 artists and their journals international travelling. So come visit the blogsite to meet up with 15 lovely artists doing some fantastic work...or visit us on Facebook at 15 +1 Round Robin.

Happy Yule to all!


  1. As I said before thank goodness SOMEONE in the group is right brained and left brained! Thanks for all of your hard work Kalona!

  2. Thanks indeed Kalona, not only did you step in, just in the nick of time. You have labored long and hard to create a fabulous blog, far above any I have seen elsewhere. It is beautiful, simple for all to use, very inclusive and your journal journey progress chart is an amazing addition. May you have a rapid return to health and a fabulous, fun and creative new year.

  3. I can see you have been very busy and you made a great place to share journals. I am enjoying looking at the gorgeous pages!


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