Friday, 18 November 2011

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Mandala fun...

I've not created mandalas before, and with all the other work/playing that I do, I might never have got round to it if I hadn't seen a free tutorial on willowing . Guadalupe has posted video tutorials to work through the stages...great fun!

As these are my first, and it's coming up for xmas card posting, I thought I'd follow the theme....

I might add a bit of doodling later...but for the time being I shall leave them like this on the paper....although I have put them through my fave filter already

Have a's great fun and quite meditative, like doodling!



  1. Kalona I really LOVE this! I haven't done it before, just some doodling, but these mandala's are gorgeous! You make wonders, I honestly mean that. Your work is so inspiring! I'll have to check that tutorial. Thanks for the link! And what a great idea for Christmas cards! :)

  2. Thankyou Sonja- you are always so full of praise! Do have a's not too difficult,only guageing some of the measurements when using the compass...
    Colouring is fun- I used waterccolour pencils, then wet afterwards, and go over again if necessary...I've done another, will jazz them all for xmas cards, something a little different and a keepsake piece of art.xxxx


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